Mar 7, 2006

Check Me Out...

I'm Mrs. Professional this week. I'm on a short business trip. Know what's good about business trips? Staying at fancier places than I normally would, and ordering ROOM SERVICE! I've never ordered room service before. I actually found it the tiniest bit nervewracking, being a nervous-type. I had to call & order it, which was no big deal, but then when the waiter brought it to my room I goofed it all up. I went to take the tray from him, but I forgot with things like this, that it is customary for them to do things for you. He laughed at me, then showed me how he is to bring the food in, set it down for me, and such. He was good natured about it. I just hope he wasn't expecting an extra gratuity, because there was already an 18% one included in the bill, along with tax and a friggin' service charge. My frugal heart almost couldn't go through with it, except for two magical latin words: per diem. Another wonderful thing about business trips.

And so I dined on a luscious and healthy Cobb salad, with
avocadros, of course! It would probably have been healthier if it were half its size, but I'm pretty sure it was a step up from the Big Mac I had considered earlier. Definitely worth the loss of dignity, what with my ineptitude in all things hoity-toity.

Bad things about business trips--banging my knee and toes repeatedly on the desk and chair. Apparently it takes me longer than most to spatially orient myself in new places. That sounds way better than merely being klutzy. Also, while I have quite a collection of cushy pillows and covers, I miss having the fur-kids to keep me warm and toasty. And the Cat-Daddy to make me laugh...and keep me warm & toasty. Tee hee.

Tomorrow it's home again. Back to workin' for the man...

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