Oct 2, 2005

Fairly Obvious Signs That I'm a Nerd, Part I...

One of the first things I learned in HS chemistry was Avogadro's number. You take an element, like hydrogen or sodium or something. One mole of any element is 6.02 x 10^23 atoms of that element. And if you have one mole of any element, its weight is the atomic weight of that element, in grams. So one mole of hydrogen atoms weighs 1.00794 g and one mole of sodium atoms weighs 22.98970 g. That number, 6.02 x 10^23, is Avogadro's number.

That's not the nerdy part though. The nerdy part is that whenever I think about or eat avocados, I think about Avogadro. I chuckle to myself and call them "avocadros", and I think I'm soooo clever. The cat-daddy just shakes his head.

In my own defense, I did not immediately remember Avogadro's number, or the atomic weights of hydrogen and sodium, although I was pretty sure that hydrogen's was very-nearly 1. I looked them up.

So, the beginnings of a list--Fairly Obvious Signs That I'm a Nerd:
  1. I call avocados "Avocadros" and snicker to myself
  2. I look up things like Avogadro's number and the atomic weights of hydrogen & sodium in my spare time
  3. I think the metric system rocks

Believe me, this is just the beginning...

Part II

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