Aug 6, 2005

Poor Little Man...

So, Pim had an unexpected vet visit today. Those with cats may be familiar with what an abcess is. Sometime when he was outside, he got bitten (on the butt) by some sort of creature, probably another cat. He is not a fighter, so this happens more often than we'd like. Usually he heals up no big deal, but this time the wound got infected and couldn't drain properly, producing an abcess.

GORY DETAIL ALERT--so the vet shaved the area and opened up the wound a bit more so the fluid could drain out. It was a most-impressive amount of icky gunk. I found it gross, yet strangely-fascinating. The cat-daddy isn't into that sort of thing at all, so he waited for us in the waiting room. Ergo, I'm in charge of the aftercare, making sure the wound stays open so the fluid can continue to drain, and administering pills twice a day, which Pim and I are pros at by now. He's a very brave cat--they don't anesthetize them because it's actually riskier than just cutting quickly and being done with it. The vet and vet-tech were impressed that he just lay there pathetically. I think he went to his happy place. --END OF GORY DETAILS

So Pim is holed up in the office while he heals up for a few days. He hates being confined, but it'll be a nice reprieve from the
crazy dog, and will give us a smaller area to clean from the wound draining. Due to Mass. law he had a rabies booster and must stay indoors for 45 days. Boy are we going to hear about that.

Oh, we watched The Life Aquatic last night. It was something else. Not sure I'd buy it, but I liked it better than the Royal Tennenbaums. This one lady I kept thinking looked a lot like Cate Blanchett, but her voice was different...turns out it WAS Cate Blanchett. I was impressed--she's very good at the different accents/voices. I thought about writing to tell her that, but then decided not to. I think I'd feel weird if people started writing me letters, telling me they do or don't like how I do my job.

I'm off to shop for the cat-daddy's b'day. He wants cash for a bass he's saving up for, but I'm getting him a couple small things I think he'll like also. Can't say what, in case he's checking my spectacular blog...

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